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President-elect Donald Trump’s office says in a release early Monday that Trump spoke with Chinese President Xi Jingping and thanked him for his well-wishes on Trump’s election as president of the United States. “During the call, the leaders established a clear sense of mutual respect for one another and President-elect Trump stated that he believes the two leaders will have one of the strongest relationships for both countries moving forward,” according to a statement from Trump’s office in New York. Trump is busy working on his transition to the presidency, and has named Republican Party chairman Reince Priebus as his White House chief of staff and Stephen Bannon , executive director of Breitbart news executive and subsequently Trump’s campaign CEO as chief strategist and senior counselor. ___ 7:00 p.m. President-elect Donald Trump says he’s a “very sober” person and says he’ll conduct himself “in a very good manner” as the nation’s president. But the combative billionaire adds in an interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes” that his manner “depends on what the situation is.” president-elect was asked in the interview conducted Friday if he’s going to use the same, sometimes divisive rhetoric he used during the campaign. medical interview strengths and weaknessesHe replied that “sometimes you need a certain rhetoric to get people motivated.” The interview was broadcast Sunday. Image 1of/8 7 p.m. President-elect Donald Trump says he’s giving up the president’s annual salary of $400,000. Trump tells CBS’ “60 Minutes” that he had not been aware of the amount.

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Wireless connectivity enables images to be available on a variety of displays, including tablet PCs and iPads, or hands-free on the Evena Eyes-On Clinical Glasses for wearable imaging. Other enhancements to the DeepVu Ultrasound 4.0 platform include a lightweight, streamlined transducer that can be easily carried in a pocket, and straightforward one-button operation. The DeepVu Ultrasound 4.0 system offers medical professionals an advanced mobile and wearable ultrasound option for adult primary care, pediatrics, emergency medical care and other medical specialties, said Frank Ball, Evena Medical, CEO. With Evenas Eyes-On Glasses, clinicians can visualize veins, organs and other tissue deep beneath the skin with superior, real-time imaging in front of their eyes with simple, hands-free operation. Evena provides an entire family of clinician-facing, bedside imaging solutions within the Series-4 family of products, including: DeepVu Personal Ultrasound [U/S]: for peripheral and deep imaging Owl Bedside Imaging & Augmented Reality [AR] Platform: economical clamp-anywhere solution which uses patent-pending MultiSpectral Light [MSL/nIR] imaging, plus U/S imaging, in addition to infrared florescence [IRF] contrast enhanced imaging Eyes-On AR Clinical Glasses: a wearable computing platform featuring the same technologies as the Owl in a more agile wear-everywhere form-factor, providing greater AR flexibility, plus Multi-Scope interoperability, for laparoscopy, endoscopy and arthroscopy, vein surgery and more wherever and whenever needed. Eyes-On Clinical AR Glasses utilizes Evena proprietary technologies to attain super high-quality images and AR without the image latency problems encountered on consumer-grade smart glasses during real-world imaging procedures. In addition to its unique situational awareness capabilities, the Eyes-On platform is one of the first healthcare applications of smart glasses commercially available on a global scale developed for clinicians, by clinicians. Ultrasound is fast becoming the most ubiquitous clinical tool in the medical profession, surpassing the stethoscope, added Ball. With Evenas wearable U/S and AR platform, doctors, nurses and medics can quickly and easily view important patient imagery even in challenging clinical environments such as emergency, surgical, or pre-hospital, or in more remote, underdeveloped parts of the world without access to advanced medical care. The DeepVu Ultrasound can be wirelessly connected via WiFi, Bluetooth and LTE for viewing of patient data in real-time anywhere. Evenas rapid expansion means they are enrolling distributors as well as affiliate/opinion-leaders in markets around the world. Evenas Affiliate Program is designed to reward thought-leaders who normally advocate new technologies within their organizations fast, easy training is available online.

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