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Shimaoka-Bellos project will serve 135 people, which surpasses his personal goal of 100 enough to supply life flights from Hilo Medical Center for about four months. This is an awesome project for him to do because it really touches our heart he just continues to amaze me and surpass all my expectations of him, his mother said. Shimaoka-Bello also volunteers at the obstetrics unit at Hilo Medical Center, said Lisa Rantz, executive director of the HMC Foundation, and he serves as president of the Health Occupations Students of America Club at Kamehameha, with hopes of become a physician. He is amazing, she said. Get the factsDonations for the kits came from places such as Kamehameha Schools, KTA Super Stores, Hilo Medical Center and Walgreens. Without their help, he said, the project would not have been as successful. But Shimaoka-Bello kept the focus on those in need. Theres really a lot of patients that come in and out of this ER every day, he said. Email Jeff Hansel at jhansel@hawaiitribune-herald.com . Rules for posting comments Comments posted below are from readers.

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They run the double high screen set with Williams and Zeller beyond the perimeter, but because the Lakers defense is not even set yet, there is no one for Williams to screen. Thus, he has a wide open three in case Walker decides to back off of the drive. Vogel is 100 percent correct about the importance of consistently pushing halfcourt pace out of the defenses comfort zone. It allows the offense to create and exploit disarray, especially among younger or less organized teams, because of the options it gives to a skilled, smart, and quick ball handler like Walker or Fournier. The Magic make around half their shots that they take before the shot clock hits 15, one of the better marks in the league. click for sourceAfter that, it drops by around 10 percent one of the worst, per NBA.com. It is clear pushing halfcourt pace should be a priority. Next: Off the bounce Off the bounce If the Magic ran these kinds of sets more often, it could potentially help the offense flow quicker more consistently and closer to Vogels vision for the team. It initiates the action early and gets the defense scrambled. That said, Kemba Walker has simply been lights-out for Charlotte and it would not be reasonable to expect Evan Fournier to put up the kinds of numbers he has.

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