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Former Councilman Scott Schoeffel received a standing ovation for his years of service during a reorganization meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 14. Photo: Kristina Pritchett Burnett By Dr. Tod A. Burnett As the leading provider of higher education and training in South Orange County, Saddleback College is dedicated to student success and the health and safety of all of our 40,000 annual students and over 1,500 employees. We play an important role in the community and we remain strongly committed to our local environment, providing valuable environmental education and training programs, implementing sustainable practices on campus, and forging partnerships with environmental organizations. I was thrilled to hear that on Nov. 10, 2016 the leaders of a coalition of a dozen environmental groups stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) announcing an historic settlement, ending their 15-year battle over how to connect the 241 Toll Road with the I-5 Freeway. This settlement paves the way for TCA to move forward in an effort to find a mobility solution to the ever-increasing traffic congestion in South Orange County. I offer my most sincere congratulations, respect, and appreciation to both sides for working toward a solution that balances our regions transportation needs with environmental protections. This unprecedented collaboration between transportation and environmental leaders seemed impossible, but it is now a reality and all of us in South Orange County and Northern San Diego County will greatly benefit. The South Orange County and North San Diego County communities should be thankful for the environmental coalition and TCAs unprecedented collaboration on the 241 Toll Road.

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The traditional approach to lowering risk of heart attack, stroke, and death has been to lower heart-clogging LLD “bad cholesterol” levels in the blood to less than 100 mg/UL — even less for some patients. Mobile Device Application. When you register to become a member of the Medscape Network, we request certain Personal Information from you such as your name and e-mail address, postcode, profession, occupation and speciality. Cholesterol: Now Just One Piece of the Heart-Risk Puzzle Your Local Health | Written by B Howe Whether or not you need to be on cholesterol-lowering medication is no longer tied solely to your cholesterol numbers.  When you participate in a Continuing Medical Education CMG or a Continuing Education C activity made available to you through the Medscape Network, you may be asked to provide Personal Information as required by that particular activity. Xi J and Shaw DJ. Activities occur not only on the down town north-western Memorial Hospital campus but also on the north-western Lake Forest, Glenview, Central DuPage and Delnor sites. You may update your registration information at any time through the Account Management feature available on each of the Sites and Alps. about hisEcho, AS, Bicuspid Aortic Valve 48a. Continue ReadingWe encourage you to periodically review this Privacy Policy for the latest information on our privacy practices.

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