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Correctly spell the name of anyone you email or write to. It’s the same for the name of the company. Spelling it incorrectly can end up really spelling disaster. No matter the circumstance, it’s embarrassing to get a note with the wrong info, but in a job hunt, it can be the end of the road.

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tips for job interview

This prize will be directed towards one applicant’s tuition fees and will hopefully guide them one step closer to obtaining their university degree. “There is a direct correlation between a person’s level of education and their chances of obtaining a good job. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment levels drop with each level of education that one completes.” Kurt Ellis, co-founder of Job Application Point. This scholarship competition is addressed to all students who are currently enrolled for the 2016-2017 school year at an accredited United States college or university. Successful candidates must: Essay Submission Guidelines Aspiring applicants must write and submit a 500-1,000 words essay based on the following topic: “Imagine you were attending an interview for your dream job and the recruiter lets you ask the questions instead. What are the top three questions you would ask in order to get the interview? Provide arguments.” The deadline for submitting the applications is July 1st 2017. For more information on how to apply for this scholarship program, please visit . About Job Application Point Job Application Point aims to provide detailed and accurate career tips that any candidate can use when applying for a job. The publication’s objective is to make the recruitment process as seamless as possible, by offering candidates comprehensive guides on how to apply for various companies.medical interview course northern ireland

medical school interviews 2016

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tips for job interview

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